The Noon Project Album is a music collaboration born out of the desire to provide aid and assistance to ethnic and religious minorities persecuted in the Middle East and Africa. With this album, we plan on uniting a diverse collection of artists and musicians to create a powerful message – that through the uniting of diverse people, in love, cooperation, and creativity, we can be a light that cuts through the darkness.  You can be a part of this project!  We are accepting open submissions for songs and other works.  If you are interested in submitting your work to be considered for a spot on this record, please click here to learn more.

Why We’re Doing This?

The Noon Project has a few goals:

  • To raise financial support for individuals and families who have become victims of oppression and violence.  We are currently finding partners who are doing the work in these places.   If you are part of an organization that is impacting the lives of religious minorities in the Middle East and Africa who are being victimized, please let us know!
  • To encourage compassion and bridge religious and cultural gaps through the making of a record that invites people from various backgrounds and faiths to the table to work together in order to accomplish this goal.

In the Middle East, Christians and other minority groups are being terrorized by radical organizations who fight this very idea that everyone has a right to exist and prosper.  Innocent people are being robbed of their humanity, victimized because their convictions are not waived by fear or prejudice. Indigenous communities are being destroyed on a daily basis, and despite their immense bravery, they need our help.

The first step to making a difference is knowing that we aren’t alone in our goal. With the Noon Project, we plan on unifying our talents to create a message. By joining us in our mission, you invest in an idea. You take a stand against hate and become an advocate for peace. But even more importantly, you become a voice in a crowd of silence.