Paul Kist


Paul Kist is a tech/non-profit/music guy, and world citizen based in Oakland, CA.  Paul has habit of helping start initiatives from the ground up.  As the lead engineer for Traackr, Paul sits at the crossroads between technology and creativity. He’s also the Co-Founder of Seeds For Hope, an organization that uses education to break the cycle of poverty for youth in East Africa. Paul started the the Noon Project because he believes that the arts, especially music, can move the needle when it comes to having positive impact on the world around us.  As the director of Trinity and producer of Now I’ll Live, he saw the amazing things that can happen when passionate and talented people come together to create something beautiful. Since then, Paul has worn many hats: software engineer, composer/songwriter, filmmaker, photographer, and sound engineer, just to name a few. You can find Paul, sipping on a Diet 7-up, trying to solve life’s problems with the people that inspire him.  Click to check out his: musings | snapshots | beats

Paul Kist is a tech/non-profit/music guy, and world citizen based in Oakland, CA.