Become A Voice

Join the other musicians who are applying to be part of this project. You will be among a community of diverse musicians, artists, and poets from around the world. Together, our voices and talents will speak louder than our words. Find out more.

Spread The Word

Join our communities on social media: Twitter and Facebook. Share, Tweet, Instagram, and Blog about this project. Tell the story for those who can’t.  Let your friends know about this project and stay in touch as we get closer to launching later this year.   You can share the following banners on your news feed to help spread the message.[Banner 1]  [Banner 2]

Volunteer With Us

Volunteer with us! We are looking for people with various skill sets to help us with different aspects of the project. Currently we are looking for entertainment marketing professionals who are willing to volunteer their time for the cause. If you are interested in helping out, learn more!