We Are Purple

Photo credit:  http://endgenocide.org/time-remember-recognize-armenian-genocide/

In 1915, 1 million Armenians were massacred in a devastating genocide. The blood of innocent people drowned the streets of Turkey– a holocaust focused on eliminating a society through political and religious oppression. One hundred years later, the world remembers this disturbing chapter of human history by marching together in sea of purple, advocating their message through a solemn silence.

Unfortunately, this chapter is not too unfamiliar – in fact, the book of human history is filled with pages of persecution. Today, we are sadly reading another chapter. In the Middle East, Christians face a shattering genocide targeted against their faith. And as we honor those who have fallen in the past, we owe them the responsibility to fight for the future. As advocates of peace and preservers of the human race, we must stand against the oppression that has followed us in our shadows.

While the Armenian massacre still plagues us till this day, it also offers us a hopeful message. Even though the Armenians suffered through extreme adversity, they have risen from the dust and have made their story known. That despite overwhelming forces and efforts to erase their culture, the Armenians stood tall. We can only hope that the Christians around the world conjure the same strength that the Armenians have shown and follow their footsteps to healing.

We hope that the Noon Project can provide some transparency to the Christian persecution in the Middle East. With the Armenian movement as an inspiration, we hope to share their voice.