Palm Sunday Attack in Egypt: How You Can Help

On April 9th, 2017 multiple suicide bombs ripped through two Coptic Churches in Egypt, killing dozens, injuring hundreds, and destroying the spiritual homes of thousands of congregants.

Instead of cursing the darkness, many have mobilized their efforts to light a candle. We’ve put together a list of funds that are accepting donations to help the families, and rebuild the churches that have been affected. Please read through and decide which fund best suits your support.  We are proud to share this list with you. We will continue to stand on the side of what is right and good. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and communities affected by this tragedy.

On the Ground Volunteer Efforts

Littlest Lamb Trauma Response Team

  • Immediate Volunteer Opportunity on the ground in Tanta, Egypt
  • From now until May 2017

Church / Non-Profit (Tax Deductible Donations)

Saint Verena Charity

  • 501(c)3 Non-Profit aimed at fighting poverty via humanitarian efforts.
  • 100% of donations going directly to the victims, their families and the churches.

New York New England Coptic Diocese

  • Tax-Deductible Donations.
  •  Make sure you select the campaign that will help the victims of the church in Tanta.

H.O.P.E. Social Services

  • Non-Profit arm of the Coptic Southern United States Diocese

Coptic World

  • Donation available for Coptic World network (Requires login)
  • Instructions for how to donate to the individual churches in the article above.

Crowd Fund Efforts

United For Victims of Palm Sunday Attack by Mohamed Soltan

  • Hosted on Launch Good Crowd Funding platform
  • The campaign embodies a strong message of religious coexistence.
  • In cooperation with the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of North America to distribute funds directly to victims families

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