Our New Look!

We’ve had quite a journey so far, and we’ve been building the train as it’s moving!  One very important milestones we’ve wanted to accomplish, was the development of a logo and improvement of our website.  For the longest time, we’ve had a pretty mediocre web-presence, and no recognizable logo.  But as you can see, the website has gotten a makeover!

More importantly, we have our first iteration of a logo that we may take with us moving forward:



We wanted to go with something clean and simple, with a symbol that was recognizable but had special meaning.   We are representing the arabic letter “N” or “Noon”, on a slant to represent a person kneeling down.  The color is orange, as an homage to those who have been imprisoned for their faith.  The logo itself is a tribute to the brave and courageous men and women who have stood strong in the presence of severe oppression and injustice.

Overall, we are hoping our new website can quickly communicate to viewers and readers exactly who we are and what we’re about.   Any feedback is welcome, contact us anytime!

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