Noon Project Team Update

Dear Friends of the Noon Project

It was only this past summer when a small handful of us got together for the first time to talk about hope.   We had all been witnessing human tragedy unfold in our respective homelands, and were driven to take action in some way.  The Noon Project was born out of this desire to give aid to the oppressed, and at the same time, engage communities all over the world, to be a part of an artistic movement with goals to alleviate the needless suffering of minorities in the Middle East.

Finding A Partner

The main goal of the Noon Project is to serve the oppressed, by funding an organizational partner through the sale of our record.  Our aim is to sponsor specific projects through an organization who is already doing the work.  But finding a partner is not that easy.  Our team has been spending many months now, meeting with and evaluating organizations both big and small that are doing work in the Middle East and Africa to combat the suffering of persecuted minorities. It is important that the organization we work with matches our values.   In terms of criteria, we are looking for organizations that are:

  • Impactful: Working on projects and programs that are providing measurable impact on the lives of persecuted minorities in the Middle East
  • Transparent: Able to provide current and on-going data on the work that they are doing
  • Restorative: Contributing to the peace of the region by promoting co-existence between people of various faiths and ethnicities
  • Inclusive: Open to people of all faiths, and are able to serve people regardless of their faith and culture


The good news is, we have narrowed down these organizations to a very short list, and we’ll soon be able to choose and announce which of these organizations we have decided to partner with.  This makes the work we are doing that much more tangible, as our goals are no longer nebulous, but rather – our existence can now be linked to established efforts that are making a difference in this world.

Announcing: The Noon Artists

The vision of the Noon Project is one of collaboration, inspiration, and pure artistry.  We’ve got the beginning of our lineup!  These artists are currently in studios recording their tracks and shaping the album.  It’s our pleasure to introduce these incredibly talented musicians to you.


On November 14th, the Noon Artists of the Greater NYC Area got together in the home of 4 Point O’s Mina Greiss, for our first artist gathering.  We chance to meet each other (many for the first time) and share our respective visions for the world we want to live in, and how we see the Noon Project as a way to make that happen.

We’re not done looking for artists.  There are still several slots available on the album! We’re looking for talent across all genres, cultures, and backgrounds.   Think you have a song that belongs on the record?  Reach out to us, and let us know!   Our audition process is simple.  We evaluate demos and songs that show potential.  Many of these can be selected to be included on the record itself or featured in some other way.   Apply to become a voice, today.

We Need Your Help

The Noon Project is 100% volunteer run.  We’re not raising any funds at the moment, but what we are looking for is talent.    There are certain aspects of the project that need development, but it cannot be done without the contributions of some key roles and volunteers.  If you or anyone you know has a few hours of extra time to give to a cause like ours, please contact us, and let us know.  Currently the Noon Project is seeking the following roles:

  • Marketing Expert – Preferably with experience in the Music Industry
  • Legal Expertise – To serve as an advisor on both the entertainment and organizational front
  • Branding Expert – To help us develop our brand image and logo


We want to wish our friends, supporters, and everyone across the world a healthy and happy holiday.  We’ll be back soon with another update with more news on how the project is progressing.


The Noon Project Team