Part 1: Application

Click here to fill out the application.  You’ll then be able to receive updates and important information regarding the production of the album and your role as an artist on the record.   Applying and submitting a demo doesn’t guarantee a spot on the record.  But we will also be creating channels for all artists who have submitted, to feature their work as part of this project.

Part 2: Demo Submission

Submit your song and track proposal to the Noon Project production team at  The proposal should contain the following:

  1. The full name of your group / ensemble
  2. The title of your work
  3. If you’re doing a cover, please include the original artist / composer / writer of the song.
  4. A description of the song and why it was chosen
  5. A demo version of the song in its entirety.  It doesn’t have to be perfect and can be recorded on a handheld recorder or phone.   But we need to get a sense of what the song is about.

You will be responsible for making sure the song is properly recorded, mixed, and mastered.   Home studios are totally welcome.   But we want to put together a collection of amazing sounding, inspirational and high quality songs.  In order to do that, check out the guidelines below:

Guidelines for Submission

  • We are looking for songs that represent the themes of faith, hope, healing, solidarity, courage. Songs that can inspire all who hear it.  They do not have to be necessarily religious in nature.
  • Tracks must be between 3 and 6 minutes long
  • Original works are preferred; however, if you are going to do a cover, please understand that you are  responsible for obtaining the proper licensing.  If you do not know how to obtain a proper license, please contact us and we will help you.
  • All genres of music, including traditional,  pop,  instrumental, classical,  rock,  hip-hop,  R&B,  and electronic, are all acceptable.   Not only songs, but spoken word or poetry can be submitted as well.
  • We want to honor the lives of our brothers and sisters with the work we produce.  And with that, we want to produce an album of high quality, and incredible sounding works. Every artist is responsible for producing a track that adheres to a certain standard of quality determined by the Noon Project Producers.   Some things to keep in mind include:
    • Proper mixing and mastering of all parts
    • Songs must be able to play well on all devices radio, stereos, cell phone, a car stereo, a laptop, etc.
    • Minimal auto-tune (if auto-tune makes sense with the genre of music, then use your best judgement)
    • Songs that contain subject matter or elements that are considered offensive or contain hate-speech, highly political, or foul language will most likely not be accepted.