Our Values

For Humanity

We exist to give support to the persecuted. We seek to inform and educate the public about the struggles of persecuted peoples, especially in the Middle East. We hope to turn public support into action, giving dignity to those who have lost their freedom.

All Are Welcome

We are a diverse community bound by our own humanity. We use our voices to create a world of mutual respect and dignity, regardless of faith, background, nationality, or gender. With this project, we bridge the gap between communities through this global collaboration.

Be Creative

We are musicians, artists, poets, and performers. We’re putting together an album that cuts across different genres and cultures. We honor creativity, new ways of looking at things, and an open mind when it comes to self-expression. But ultimately we hope to use our art to heal.


We are an independently run, collective group of individuals united around a common goal. Truly a grassroots operation! We operate in a way that is transparent to each other and to our audience. Our work will be authentic and so will our connections.